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western_steam's Journal

steampunk for the american west
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steampunk, anachrotech and retrofuturism for the american west and intermountain region
Steampunk, dieselpunk, anachrotech and all variations thereon for the American badlands, desert and mountains regions. We ain't too picky out here, y'all. You can play if you're anywhere from Texas on over to Californy and on up to Saskatchewan if y' want.
Also welcome are any frontier-styled anachronauts anywhere at all: we all appreciate good style.

You might additionally want to check out our settled relations back east, in central_steam if they're closer to you.

There ain't a whole lot of rules:

1. Play nice.
2. Don't be postin' a lot of random auctions. Spam makes yonder maintaineratrix real ornery.

Other than that, if you think it goes here, it's most likely okay. Use them ethertubes if'n you have a question or an issue.