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Wow! Three years not posting here. Somewhere along the line, I lost my password and could NOT get in. 

I know! Doesn't take that long to redo it, but the last three years have been EXTREMELY busy. As some followers on other sites know, I teach full-time-plus at one college and half-time at major university. About 6 years ago, we bought almost 3 acres of pecan trees up the Brazos River (unfortunately not ON the river, but can see the trees of the river at the bottom of the hill). We were clearing and cleaning and putting in water and electricity.

Almost two year ago exactly, we finished a slab and metal building shell. Well, actually a crew did that part because the time it would have taken us, even if we had been good at it, would have been prohibitive. AND since that was the foundation of everything, we wanted to make sure those parts were right.

BUT...as soon as they finished the slab and shell, we started doing everything else...framing inside, wiring, plumbing, sheetrocking, taping, floating, and a LOT of sweeping. For the past few months, we've gotten to the point that we can actually stay out there for a whole weekend or longer. Most of the major stuff is done. Propane lines and some finishing tilework in the bathroom are the major things left. Then upper kitchen shelves, closet for the bedroom, and setting up the utility room will pretty much round it out. 

THEN we will actually get to start moving most of our stuff in. It's taken almost every spare minute but it's been worth it. And now you know why I haven't had time to redo the password...until now. 

So watch for more new "steampunk" stuff coming. A lot of the stuff we have done and are doing in the studio/shop/home (New Viesca Studios) has a steampunk feel to it, but we are doing other stuff as well. Don't worry...we have PICTURES!!!

More of New Viesca Studio

Interior of the shell showing the wall facing the road and the opening to the 20x20 "patio" we affectionately call The Loading Dock:

And this is looking back the other way:

We told you it was a shell!

And finally, The Loading Dock view. Actually, if you count, you only see 8 trees. All the rest of them are off to the right. So, if you go onto the dock, and look right, it is a whole 180 degrees plus of pecan trees and one giant oak:

We're back!!!!

Forgot pix of the ABR SUV.

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We're back!!!!

Lost password and was unable to get into my Livejournal for a while. I know. It's simple to redo, but we got involved in a couple of projects that have taken up most of my take the last couple of years.

First, found a new home port for the Airship Bonnie Read. Been clearing land, picking pecans (and dewberries and mustang grapes), putting in electricity and water, and about 900 other items related to new land.

Second, started the transformation of an old deer lease camping trailer into the Airship Bonnie Read SUV (Surface Unit Vehicle). Was going to just pull a couple pieces out we weren't going to use, replace a couple of rotted wood pieces, and seal the joints. That was LAST March (or May, one of those M months).

Getting close to completion. Maybe for summer steampunk or faire events? Definitely for Texas Ren Faire in fall. The captain has already commandeered it for a couple of upcoming beach trips when we finally put it in service. Guess I'll have to get a bottle of champagne to christen it when we do.

Help a maker?

Help a maker?
A friend has asked for a signal boost for a jewelry artist in financial trouble [story here: http://ebenbrooks.livejournal.com/ ]


Happy holidays!

Documentary trailer for Prof. Steampunk

Just got the link for The Chrononaut steampunk documentary:


Check it out!

The Great Trunk Renovation Adventure

We've been busy since Armadillocon, but thought we'd add a few pix of what's been keeping us busy. Everyone at Armadillocon liked Prof. Steampunk's Time Machine Emporium trunk so much that Lady Artamiss De'cor decided she need one for her adventures. We're almost finished with it here:

More pics from the Great Trunk Renovation AdventureCollapse )

Flagstaff Steam and WildWestCon

Hi! I'm new here, but not exactly new to steampunk. I've been interested in the fandom for about 3 years now however I've been rather intimidated to try it out till recently. I went to Dragoncon 2 years ago with my husband and was simply astonished by all the Steampunk variety and fanfaire and now I hear this past year it was even bigger. We recently moved to Flagstaff, AZ for me to attend my PhD program, and together with my roommate have taken on some projects including costumes for this amazingly awesome convention happening in Tuscon in early March:
I was wondering who else on here is planning on going?
Anyway I also join steamfashion where I plan on posting my costume idea. I want to go as a sort of Steampunk Marie Curie only instead of dying of cancer at 32 because of her experiments with radioactivity, she glows all radioactive. Anyway glad to be here and looking forward to going to the con and possibly meeting some more steam enthusiasts who might be up for a costuming day or two here in Flag

PS one of my other favorite fandoms Avatar the Last Airbender is going Steampunk in 2011 for the next installment of the legend of Korra. I can't wait!

Steampunk Pink Ribbon Auction

Sponsored by Clockwork Couture, to aid needy women fighting or recovering from breast cancer.
Many worthy items:
Further fundraising:
If so, perhaps this could be of use:
A friend has crafted a wonderful modded medical prop.

Prescott Az Steampunk!

Was entered as historical in today's Prescott Western Heritage Days costume contest.
When I signed up I discovered they had a Steampunk category! It was represented by a boy with a death ray and early mobile phone, and by a lady naturalist/entomologist. There was at least one other begoggled Steampunk woman in the crowd as well. Didn't get any names and had no camera for pix, sorry. This was my first observed Steampunkery here in Prescott.
Blast! Now I simply must acquire some aetheric devices, death rays, etc. to mix in with my cowboyin' stuff.

edit: Woops!
Forgot to add that I was handed a flyer for www.costumecon30.com taking place in Tempe next May.
Salutations to our varied and creative tinkerers, rough riders, scientists, airship pirates, strowlers, and steampunk enthusiasts!

We, the behind the scenes minions of the Steampunk Exhibition Ball, are madly plugging away at our logistical terminals to present you with a even more fantastical event than our maiden voyage last year. You will not believe your eyes! This year’s fantastical feast will titillate and inspire while we bring you fantastical inventions of mad scientists, the melodic sounds of steampunk musical sensations, visual displays of the slipped timing chains of the most talented dancers, competitions of the marvelous manscaping and exquisite hat varieties. You will also be able to experience a bit of wormwood at our ever fabulous Absinthe Bar, sip varieties of uniquely blended teas in our Tea Room, and have your souls captured at our Photo Salon. All this and so much more can be experienced in full immersion as your are surrounded by the true and extraordinary history and artifacts of Victorian Seattle. Now where else can you get THIS experience?! The answer is simple, no where but at Seattle's Steampunk Exhibition Ball! So zip your dirigible over to our BRAND NEW main website for more information, ticketing, and exploration!

Don't forget to also join our Official Steampunk Exhibition Ball LiveJournal Community, where you can get up to date news flashes about the event and network with folks who are attending or performing!


We're looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you the eclectic tastes of Pac-NW Steampunks, Makers, Musicians, and Artists... hope to see you there!

Your Humble Conventions Promoter,
Ms J

PS- And just in case you have not heard, STEAMCON's theme this year is Weird, Weird West! Chem 'em out at http://community.livejournal.com/steamcon/ and http://www.steamcon.org/

Wyoming - steampunk movie?

Your Correspondent received this in her elyctryo-mail:

Hi, I'm 14 years old, and have just finished working on a full length Steampunk Moving Picture with a cast of 20. On Saturday October 2 it will be premiering on the Wyoming's biggest screen (Imax not included) the Wyo Theater in Laramie Wyoming, it is free for the public. It is located at 309 S. 5th St. Laramie has a small steampunk group, but all of them were in the movie. So I was wondering if you might post something about the movie to try and get people to come. (Dressing up is recommended).

has anyone else in the savage wyoming territories heard anything about this? my attempt to procure further edification via e-mail failed due to bounce; the theater has nothing on their schedule for that weekend, and cetera and cetera and cetera.

replyto: she at chrononauts dot org if you have relevant information. many thanks.

Weird West

Prof. Cheyenne Wright's your man:
Please scroll down.
I picked up this steamer trunk last year for my study, but found that the whole thing no longer fits, so I halfed it and am selling the clothing rack side.

It's from the 1930's and still in really good condition. Lovely wear and the metal bits aren't very rusty. It still has all the original hangers (piled on top in the photos)in great condition, and the top of the trunk lifts up easily to add or remove them from the rack inside. The cloth flap in the front has, frankly, seen better days, but removing or replacing it would be pretty simple.

It'd make a great clothing rack or coffee table, I think.

I payed $200 for the full thing, so I'd like to see this half go for $50.

Photos under cutCollapse )

I live in the SF-east bay area, Concord specifically. You can email me: jiibii (at) gmail (dot) com , or chat me up in the comments if interested - Thanks!

Just have a few minutes to drop in a few pix from our recent Texas-California Expedition. Lady Absinthe is working on some--sepia-toning them and other faux-aging type things. Will post those and others later. But here are a few:

1. Prof. Steampunk checking the time in the restaurant where Wyatt Earp's Saloon and Gambling Establishment used to be.

2. Lady Absinthe on the main stairs below the Queen Mary medallion. We stayed on the Queen Mary for three nights. Ghosts must have feared us because Lady Absinthe felt nothing during our stay (and she's real good at that).

3. Lady Absinthe seated in The Edison.

4. Prof. Steampunk (the ugly one) and Lady Absinthe in front of the organ in the pipe room of The Edison.

All for now. Will post more later as we go through them.


...from the Arizona Territorial Capitol.
I am interested in the Old West, historical and Steamed.

Explore Cowboys, Castles and Cups of Tea with the Colorado Steampunks

Saturday, March 20, 2010, in celebration of Obscura Day, the Colorado Steampunks have arranged a glorious day trip to Colorado Springs. Join them on a trip to a Wild Wild West Museum, a Castle for an afternoon tea, and to the beautiful geological landscape known as the "Garden of the Gods."

Click for details

Travel to wonderous and curious places on Obscura Day 2010
Organized by Atlas Obscura


Just FYI, in case anyone's interested, in my mild-mannered guise of George Wilhite, English professor and author, I was the featured author in the March issue of PageTurners
( http://www.joanuptonhall.com/pageturner.htm ), a newsletter about mystery writers.


Hi, my name is Aubrey Nolan and I just started posting a new webcomic called Gearland. You can check it out on my livejournal, or at www.gearlandcomic.blogspot.com. The first comic is up right now-it centers on an alternate history of the United States after the Civil War, through the eyes of two sisters. Just click on my username to go to it. It helps to read the Preface first for background information. The next one should be up by tomorrow (Tuesday). After this week, I'll be on a regular schedule of posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


20% off Wild West Mercantile

Sorry I couldn't post this sooner, but I haven't read my e-mail since Friday because of the holiday. Wild West Mercantile has a 20% off coupon that is good through midnight tonight (or if you order by mail, must be postmarked by midnight tonight). Use coupon code PC10 to get the discount on everything but ladies' hats. Most of their items are available in sizes S-3XL.

A few things they offer:

Left to right: Edwardian ensemble, $80 with discount, Prarie Coat, $56 with discount, Gibson Girl skirt, $36 with discount, Nicolette ensemble, $96 with discount.

They offer these promotional coupons a few times a year and I'll share them whenever I receive them.
greetings, noble rangers, flaneurs, ne'er-do-wells, cads, bounders, rakes, demimondaines, apaches, and all and sundry!

we of the greater Front Range anachropunk community cordially invite all front rangers to our gala pre-celebrations, if it please you.

The officers have decided to host a Gala Event for this Holiday Season!
We are hosting the day before New Year’s Eve so that people may still make NYE events if they like, and to accomodate those who have holiday work schedules.

Gala Details on Ye Facebook!

The event will feature a Masquerade Ball (less dancing, more costume contest), a Film Showing, a marvelously steamy Soundtrack, some parlor games, a fiction reading or three, and a delicious potluck dinner.

THE EVENT WILL ALSO FEATURE A WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE: Please limit your choices to the $3-$7 range and keep it relatively clean. If it is specifically a male-only or female-only gift please note that on the tag.

Please make a note with your RSVP! We are voting on what movie we shall be watching. The choices are:
Golden Compass
Steam Boy
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Wild Wild West
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Around the World in 80 Days (the newer one)
Howl’s Moving Castle
Write-In Vote

Please also note that we are organizing the potluck in order to guarantee proper distribution of food.
If your last name begins with:
A-C Please bring beverages (non-alcoholic)
D-L Bring a side, soup or salad
M-R Bring a main dish
S-Z Bring dessert

The location WILL BE at the ancestral manse of one Mr. Theodore Thompson, to wit: 100 North 5th Avenue, Brighton 80601.

yours ever.



Hi everyone! I'm leaving tonight for a week in sunny Scottsdale and I've love to meet up with some local Steampunkers. I will unfortunately be without transportation, but I'll be happy to host drinks and discussion at the bar in my hotel. Reply or PM if you're available!


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