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Colorado Western Slope Group

I know there are some Colorado steamers out there (and how lovely you all looked at Air Kraken Awareness Day!) but most of them seem to be on the wrong side of the mountains from me! Is there anyone West of the Rockies that would like to get together now and then to dress up and do fun things? I'm in Grand Junction, which seems central-ish to a lot of the smaller towns in the West, specifically the Southwest.

I ask because I've been pondering starting some sort of "Neo-Victorian" group to dress up either Victorian or Steampunk (or maybe even Regency or Vintage or whatever else you fancy as long as it's "old-fashioned") and do things that people don't do anymore. Play croquet, fly kites, have picnics and such, and wear smashing outfits while we're at it.

If you're interested and could maybe possibly make it to/near Grand Junction occasionally for an Event, please comment here! If there is enough (or even any) interest, I would love to plan something simple for a few weeks from now. Thanks, and I can't wait to meet you!
pictures are up at the chrononauts' league blog:


bonsai kraken, gentlemen of the air, adventuresses, and all manner of other things and folk, oh my!
Crossed Genres is now accepting submissions for the upcoming SciFi/Fantasy WESTERN issue. Guidelines are available on the submissions page. Submissions to the Western issue will be accepted until March 31! We want to see Steampunk elves in 10-gallon hats!

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Colorado: Voltaire live 03-16-09

here is a flyer for the Voltaire show at Opus Fest this saturday.

if you purchase tickets for this show in advance, online, you can use the discount code "cogoths" and receive a $3 discount for a total of $12 all-day at Opus AND the show.

yes, it's size-scaled.

feel free to repost this anywhere you think it should go: i can't possibly hit everywhere on the internets.

info on the Air Kraken Awareness Day festivities is at the Chrononauts' League, as always: http://chrononauts.org/CO.

Colorado peeps - Air Kraken Day 2009

details are here: http://chrononauts.org/CO/

we hope to see you. the Airborne Menace never sleeps.

Red Light Variety Show in Boise, Idaho

Sorry for the short notice, but I only just heard about this myself. In the off chance there's anyone reading this is in or around Boise, Idaho (which is pretty much a steampunk-free zone, excluding myself,) tomorrow night in celebration of Fat Tuesday will be a Burlesque-style Red Light Variety Show and the Neurolux. Tickets will need to be purchased during the day at The Record Exchange and will not be sold at the door.

If you do, in fact, happen to be going, look for me (I'lll be dressed full-on steampunk), as I'd love to meet other steampunks here in Idaho. (So ronery. ;_; )

Now THIS is frontier steaminess!

For your consideration.....from the mind of the Steamtinker....The Clockwork Rubidium Beam Dragoon! (with holster and optional foregrip) If you're looking for a pistol that will stop a locomotive dead in it's tracks, then this heres the sidearm for you.


Please be sure to check out the full gallery.

Comments and constructive criticism always welcome.

Colorado peeps


because we seem to have an issue with having to paw through five or six different local sites to find out what everybody's doing, we put up an aggregator of sorts:


it's just to pull together stuff from all the divers local resources into one spot. you can feed it or subscribe to new posts via email, either way.

if you want to post an event or an idea or some pictures or whatever, give a sister a holla and i'll set you up with a user account.

OBTW re feeds: if you don't feed this, check it when you think about it, because i'm gonna start posting Air Kraken Day/Voltaire show event info there instead of here, and all the meetups info will go there as well.

yr svt.;


toward a more perfect western union


okay, okay. no more president's day cheez from me. promise.

so we went to Garden of the Gods this weekend... because i've lived here for twelve years and have never been there (?!) ... and they have that adorably goofy 'trading post' where you can pick up all sorts of trinkets for ridiculous cheapitude... and i wanted a hairpipe choker.

here's the WIP costume under hereCollapse )

the rundown -
blouse and jacket: 1880's originals.
hat: mine.
belt: from the OMG AWESOME 80's. i refinished the clasp.
skirt: 100% crocheted, although you can't see it because lux forgets he needs a flash.
boots: Guess shoes, believe it or not. zappo's.

inspiration for this came from Dead Man, Wild Wild West, and my notions of what the shadowrun universe would look like if someone transposed it to the 1800's.

here's what i think:
(a) Tiny Hat is too tiny.
(b) i want to wrap my braids in fur for this outfit.
(c) moar belts plz.
(d) for christ's sake woman put makeup on before you take pictures of yourself

...but i'm certainly interested to know what you think, so you should tell me. :)

The Next Thing in Steampunk Fashion

Lifted from http://community.livejournal.com/art_nouveau/456520.html#cutid1

Personally, I think it would have been even better if she had repeated the menacing bird motif on her headpiece, with some stuffed crows or something suspended from wires attached to the wreath.
Okay, here's the sccop-

Opus Fantasy Festival will be happening March 13-15 in Denver, at the Red Lion Denver Central.

Opus is under new management and is trying really hard to make this event a success. I should know, as I know the management, and I haven't seen the management in five months since they took over Opus. BUSY FOLKS!

Lovely, you say, but what the heck does this have to do with Steampunk?

Well, we're hoping to have a Steampunk panel hosted by gaslightstudios, if I can dig him out of the office long enough to do so. I'm going out on a limb to ask for some assistance and panel advice and steaminess to make this happen. And I can talk to my friends running this and find out what else is going on that would interest the steamy crowd.

So, consider this my Opus PSA, and I hope to find some help, hints, and see some fine folks there!

Interested in contributing to the panel and helping us out? Drop me a line at silentluciditi-at-livejournal-dot-com.

(cross posted, so I apologize for any repeats)

Colorado - meetup, Saturday, 01-31-09


Some of us locals from Brassgoggles, wings of steam, et c., will be meeting up at Cafe Netherworld in Denver, this Saturday around tea-time (four, specifically), to socialize, admire projects and costumes, and plan further exploits.

the dressup amount is up to you. most of us are getting dressed. i am bringing my just-scavenged-it angle lamp (mine is much nicer than von slatt's).

feel free to join us!

Cat's Pajamas

Hey Steampunks! We need a room full of dancing people for an insomniac, pajama dance party in vintage sleepwear.

Jan 30th, Ukulele Loki is shooting a video for "Lullaby"
Smoking jackets, nightgowns, sleeping caps, footies, vintage or otherwise. Or pair it up with your steampunk finest.

Hit me up if you're interested & more details: mar at sudux dot com


Repo! in Denver

Repo! The Genetic Opera will be playing in Denver on Jan 21, 9pm, at the Mayan Theater.

Would anyone like to meet up?

Landmark Mayan Theater
110 Broadway, Between First and Second Avenues
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 352-1992



Steamy types in Reno/Sparks/Carson Nevada?

Hi! I'm obviously new - I found this LJ page while looking for any sort of steampunk peeps in the Reno area. I'd like to try to get a tea or summat together for the beginning of January so we can all meet.
Get ready for the biggest party of the year tomorrow FRIDAY OCTOBER 31st!!!!

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My frontier costume

Greetings from the East Coast! Yesterday I attended an event in Brooklyn, the birthplace of Billy the Kid. The Grand Chrono'nauts Tea at the Brooklyn Indie Fair yesterday was quite a success... so much so that all the attendees couldn't quite fit into the tent. I did not stay long because my leg is still in a cast boot and it was not an ideal place for a cripple hobbling around with a cane. There were lots of beautiful handcrafted items for sale at the vendors' tables. And the fashion show was amazing. I caught the second half of it, though my vantage point was less than ideal, but I had a great view of the hats and a glimpse of the outfits as the models were exiting the runway (at first I thought everyone in front was freakishly tall until I realized the pavement was sloping downward). I especially liked the clipper ship headpiece and the man's cape reminiscent of a Iverness. Lots of male models which was a pleasant surprise. I missed the Q&A, the photo booth, tarot readings, cordials, free food, and probably lots of other fantastic stuff, but the biggest treat of all was just looking at the outfits of the attendees. Lots of casual steampunk and some really wonderful coats and jackets - I especially admired one that looked as if it were sewn out of fleecy sweatshirt material but had all the detailing of a Regency style frock coat. The criers for the steampunk Twelfth Night production were beautifully dressed and we chatted for a few minutes about my costume. I tried taking photographs of the milieuex but everytime I lined up a good one, a bunch of people in baggy tee shirts drifted into the frame so unfortunately I don't have any photos of everyone else, but I am sure that others will post them. Here's one of my frontier costume:


construction details if you are interested

Second Call for Drinks in Tucson?

Just a reminder: I'll be traveling to Tucson, AZ next week for business.
I don't have much free time, but I'd love meet up with some local Steampunkers for drinks or maybe a late supper.
Please message me privately if you'll be available.


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